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This is a fairly basic platformer. Since I plan to do this almost entirely on my own (will likely seek out help for sound-related things) I'm keeping things simple.

As stated in the above image, in this game you play as RMS-001, a cybernetic weapon created by the military. Your goal? Break things.

The only controls in the game are really movement (left, right, and jump) and attack.

There will be two powerups present in the game which change your attack. Normally you have a simple smack, generating forces upwards of 500 Newtons in a single hit, which has a bit of range and near-instant startup. The first upgrade, the Murder Sticks, provide a more powerful version of the basic attack, packing 1500 Newtons with each bludgeon, and creating cavitation bubbles (tiny vacuums within the water which quickly collapse upon themselves) to provide a secondary attack with slightly more range. It also allows you to quickly retreat if your attack connects. The second upgrade, the Stabby-Stabby, gives you an entirely new attack, a sort of grapple and pummel. Boasting a bit more range than the Murder Sticks, the Stabby-Stabby attack snatches any enemy within its range (yes, it can take out multiple enemies at once if they're close enough!) and allows RMS-001 to continually pummel it until its health falls to 0, or release it with a small push if you need to retreat. Larger enemies will have a chance to break out of the grapple on each pummel, however, and bosses will have a chance to break out upon the initial grapple as well. If an enemy escapes, RMS-001 will be invincible for a short time so you don't randomly die if you're grappling enemies while at low health. I haven't decided yet if you'll be able to switch between the upgrades while in a level or if you'll have to choose one when starting a level, but you won't lose the upgrades once you acquire them.

The game will be level-based, and after the tutorial, each level will feature some sort of boss. Throughout each level there will be various enemies which will generally be based on sea creatures, ranging from clams and snails to fish and crustaceans. Each enemy will be found as both the actual creature and a mechanized version of it which will attack differently and sometimes be harder to break.

Early gameplay video!

Most recent screenshot!