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Super Smash Brothers Crusade

Super Smash Brothers Crusade (SSBC, for short), is a Smash Brothers fangame I am working on. Originally it was made by three brothers, PhantomVII, Falcon8r, and Dr.MarioX, but I took over development from them in October of 2011. I am currently one of the lead developers (essentially 2nd in command to the lead coder, Jaklub), and work on spriting and coding for characters in the game.

SSBC's current public version (v0.9 Test) boasts about 60 playable characters and a multitude of stages, and the full v0.9 will also include returning features from the last public version, such as Classic Mode and Online Mode, as well as a few more characters and stages.

Here is a link to the forum, and a link to the download thread for v0.9 Test specifically.

Miyazaki Mash

A crossover fighting/story game featuring characters from across the Studio Ghibli universe. Currently in the planning stages, although I occasionally work on sprites for the characters which can be found by searching the tag “miyazaki mash” on my tumblr.

Link to the Miyazaki Mash page.


RMS is a basic platformer featuring a cybernetic Mantis Shrimp as the playable character. I have the game in a playable state, but will not release any kind of demo for a long while. More information can be found in the RMS page.