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Detta's Designs

Why does it say "Detta's Designs" in so many different places

RMS Update - 10/10/13

Looks like there might be some obstacles that are a bit too low for you to get past normally...

...But not if you can crawl! While crawling, RMS can still move around (at a reduced speed), as well as attack!

RMS Update - 10/2/13

This might seem like a minor update generally, but functionally this is pretty big.

I've started splitting RMS into pieces to generally reduce the number of individual animations I need and make more room for further functional and visual upgrades to RMS aside from the weapons (one other I planned to add was a set of faster legs that increase your movement speed).

I should be done pretty soon, at which point I can code the upgrades fully. :3

RMS Update - 9/28/13

Today's update is a video! This video features basically everything I've updated with recently. I figured out how to make it higher quality than my last video (scaling up the window from 350x250 to 700x500 definitely helped), but the game still doesn't have any audio yet.

RMS Update - 9/26/13

Hello, looks like there's a new creature dwelling the ocean floor!

Jellyfish will be a fairly common element in RMS levels. You can stand on them as makeshift platforms, but be careful - if you get near their bottom half, you might get shocked! Jellyfish float around the level pretty randomly, occasionally moving left or right in addition to their normal vertical movements.

Also (nearly) finished is the tutorial level! And also I keep forgetting to mention the HUD is finished, but you'll have to wait for the other weapons to be coded to see the icons for the Murder Sticks and Stabby-Stabby.

RMS Update - 9/25/13

What's this? A treasure chest? Looks like it has bubbles inside!

Treasure chests will contain a variety of things, ranging from food-items (replenish health), to upgrades, or even enemies!

RMS Update - 9/24/13

Managed to get bubbles working today! They spawn randomly and then float upwards. There's not really any point to them other than aesthetics, but I figured an underwater-based game should have bubbles flying around. They come in three sizes!

Also pictured is the clam from my Tutorial Level mockup, which is no longer just a mockup! The yellow circle around it checks to see if you're close enough for the text box to be created and the tutorial officially started, at which point you can begin smashing the clam open to get into the glorious deliciousness hidden inside. Obviously it won't actually be visible in the final game.

RMS Update - 9/22/13 + Etc

Managed to get RMS up and running on my new computer, so I'll probably be making significantly more progress with it soon. Got the lifebar system working at long last (apparently I was more of an idiot than I thought in May, it was a really simple fix...) as well as improving the save and enemy collision events.
A playable demo still won't be feasible for a long time, but the game's still happening. :3

Eventually I'll have some cool images to put on the site (like a logo of sorts), but for now, have an RMS screenshot.

Go check the RMS page for more information!